Wednesday, November 14, 2012

health scare.

I'm going through somewhat of a health crisis right now. and I really could use some prayers.

it started on Saturday.  My right quad was a little sore, but I attributed it to running and tried to stop thing about it.  I was still able to walk on it at that point.  I did notice a little zit looking spot on my thigh, and I kinda picked at it to see if it was an ingrown hair, and it looked liked it was.  Nothing to worrisome.  Sunday morning i woke up and couldn't get out of bed.  My leg hurt so bad i couldn't bend it, bare weigh on it, straighten it.  I noticed it was starting to swell too.  felt kinda hard underneath the skin too.  I went along my day, but was starting to feel pretty crappy.  By the time i went to work Sun night, I was shivering cold, and could not get warm.  I was covered in blankets camped out at the nurses station only to get up to go into my patient's rooms when they needed something, and that was a struggle.  I was fatigued, nauseous and had a headache.  I forced myself to finish out the shift, but by 5:30 am, I was puking in the bathroom, had a 101 fever and the swelling was double the size.  Luckily, my lovely charge nurse Laura grabbed the first nurse who walked through to door on day shift and forced her to take my patient quickly so I could get out of there.  I crawled home, shivering and wanting to die.  I rechecked my temp at home and it was now 103.  I started taking ibuprofen and aleve every few hours, pushed fluids, tried to sleep.  I did sleep on/off for about 18 hours.

Since Monday, I"m still bedridden.  Takes everything in me to stand up so that mady can go out.  I've been in and out of the bathtub about a million times.  I've ice'd it, heated it, killed my poor stomach with ibuprofen and aleve.

I finally called my doctor this morning and said that I needed to be seen right now, so they were able to fit me in at 6 tonight.  I'm praying that they'll give me a bag of antibiotics and let me go ,because I cannot afford a self-pay hospital visit.  I am uninsured right now by accident.  Last year I started a new job, and I signed up for insurance.  2 months after  I started, open enrollment started, which I thought meant making changes to insurance, not re-signing up for insurance.  (that's how it was at my other job and this was not explained to me in orientation).  So I didn't re-sign up for insurance and lost my benefits.  Although I wrote letters to HR and the insurance company explaining the misunderstanding and the fact that I cannot afford insurance on my own and would therefore be uninsured, they refused to allow me to sign up for benefits.  So basically I'm uninsured until January 1st.  Please pray for healing and quick recovery, relief from the pain and swelling.  i'll keep you updated.