Wednesday, September 24, 2014

28 week updates!

Ohh I owe you guys this one.  I have to stop first and apologize for being MIA over the last few months.  After hyperemesis basically overtook my life, things got a little rough.  I was sick of puking, and sick of writing about it.  Around 22 or 23 weeks, things seemed to finally get a little better.  To this day, I'm still using the Zofran IV pump at home, but take breaks during the day with no meds at all as long as I'm feeling okay.  But things are soooo SOOO much better than losing my stomach 20-30 times a day.

28 weeks this Saturday.  All of a sudden, LO decided he felt like growing and he has.  Within the last week, people have stopped telling me I don't look pregnant and replaced that with "wow, he's popped!"  Not sure if I'm offended by that or not.  Bottom line, my stomach is bigger and the kicks are harder and all of a sudden, I'm uncomfortable.  Hurts to sit, hurts to stand, sleep is very uncomfortable.  And LO loves to kick constantly.  I don't think I have alot of cushion between him and my skin because my whole stomach moves when he kicks and that HURTS!  Lo is gonna be an athlete.  How could he not with his father's genes and mine?

Jon is finally off my back about eating and running.  He's been giving me a hard time since the day the Lo was conceived about how I need to be eating more and I better be growing him right, etc etc.  For weeks he's told me I'm not big enough, even though I was growing fine.  This week, he looked at me and said "whoa. he's really in there."  HA!  Told you, husband.  I know what I'm doing.

Mady and the L.O have become best buddies. lately, when she barks, he kicks.  It's beyond adorable.

OK, mama is tired.  I'll do another post this week about what I ended up registering for this past weekend and you can all weigh in on what I really do and don't need.  Then we have to figure out a baby's room, people.  I need your help with that too.  And by the way, if you could give us a name that we both like, that would be much appreciated.  so there's your homework.  weigh in on my registry, design my nursery, and pick out a name for the L.O.

"L.O" or "Lo" is what I've been calling him for short-- in place of "little one".  :)