Friday, January 30, 2015


One of my favorite bloggers does a monthly goals post at the beginning of every month to lay out her goals for that month... some goals are simple, like laugh more... others are more work... like read 3 books this month.  I like this idea-- especially since this little newborn of mine requires so much of my time and energy that lists are absolutely ESSENTIAL now.  Not that they weren't before (I'm a type A list writer, just like my dad).

So here are my February Goals.

1. Blog more!  I need to catch up on the last few weeks of pregnancy posts and then Cole's birth and first month.  I NEED to get those done before he gets any bigger and I get farther behind!  I've been great about keeping up with his baby book, but I also plan to do a birth post and then posts for each month.  I'm so sorry for the long zzzzz nap I've been taking away from the blog.  We're just enjoying our new life here as a family of 3. (well 4 if you count Mady).

2. Print out Cole's newborn pics and get them matted and framed

3. Get Cole's birth certificate and SS card and his passport ordered.... we are going international in a few months with our little guy... First family vacation will be to Mexico in June for my sister's wedding.

4. Get back into my pre-preggo skinny jeans.  Self-explanatory.  I'm getting there but still have some baby weight to shed.  It helps that I ran until the day he was born (with a few weeks of bed rest in there)...  it's been easy to get back into the gym routine... not so easy to shed those last few pounds though.

5. Have more playdates with friends.  I still have some close friends to meet up with so they can meet Cole.  He was born over the holidays, so that made it difficult and then the flu epidemic hit, so we've been waiting until everyone is healthy.  Excited to introduce my little guy to all of my buddies!

That's about it for goals.  I think that'll take me until March...easily.  Keep watching for more posts very soon... LO's birth, first month, and our new routine.  Thanks for your prayers for a smooth delivery and healthy baby... God blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.  We're obsessed with little one and he's healthy and gorgeous and we're so happy :)