Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I really need to get better about posting.  I started this blog as a kind of online diary, where I could look back for years and read exactly what I was feeling at each of those moments.

Lately, life seems to be consumed by wedding.  Dresses, flowers, music, church, candles, mason jars (so many FREAKING mason Jars).  Engagement pics are this weekend.  Getting closer to deciding what we're going to wear, but still trying to nail all of that down.  I looked at the forecast and I was not particularly pleased....it says it will rain in the a.m. but then hopefully clear up by the afternoon.   Which will leave for a big muddy mess for Jon and I to play in and try to look cute doing.  eeeeek.  i'll just keep praying on that one.

Our marriage classes finish up this week-- cannot believe it's already been 8 long grueling weeks of therapy.  We really have learned a lot.  We learned that we have different love languages, and completely different personalities, but we also learned the tools to make it work.  We really, really love each other.  I never go a day without being told how much he loves me, how beautiful I am, and how he can't wait to marry me.  I mean what more can you ask for??

Now, onto the fitness portion of the update.

I've been doing myfitnesspal for 34 days now and I'm finally seeing big results.  i still refuse to weigh myself-- but all of my clothes are loose and my SKINNY skinny jeans are too big.  My scrub pants are falling off at work.  I feel great--- it's been a lot of hard work, a lot of crazy running and learning how to eat just enough, but it's working.  I want to look beautiful for my husband on our wedding day.  Coincidentally, Jon loves me the way I am and tells me everyday to not lose another pound, i'm too skinny already, but really, I want to feel good for ME.  When a woman FEELS good, she looks that much better to her man.  I'm getting there.  I have a dress appointment next week, which I'm actually going to KEEP this time.  I'm fierce and ready to get at it.  Bring them on!