Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Goals

Ohh.  March Goals didn't go that well.  I need another month.

We hit the 4 month sleep regression (although for Cole, he seems to do everything early so this started at around 3 months) and I've just been trying to survive.

We did meet the goal of getting together with Erum and Nicole.  Erum came over last weekend and Nicole came over yesterday.  We had an awesome time and it was so great to catch up.  I love having easy friends that make friendship just EASY.  No judging, totally understanding that we're all busy and we love each other but sometimes it may take a few months to get a visit together. We always catch up right where we left off and have a great time.  I am looking forward to doing lots of playdates to the zoo and park this spring with Nicole and her precious daughter Molly and some more girls nights out with Erum now that Cole is a little older.

Other goals... passport pics for Cole are done. Passport ordered. Check.

Taxes... in progress.  Ugh.

Last few pregnancy pounds... still not gone. Jon started a new job this month and it's been crazy hard. He was gone for a week in San Francisco and then has been working late all month so I haven't been able to run 6-7 days a week like I was before.  This week, I was only able to go the gym 3 times.  Time to start the chicken and salad diet. Hoping for some nicer weather to come so I can take Cole out in the Bob stroller and run for 3 hours if I want.  Going along with that, I didn't do weekly double digit runs this month either. I think I did a few 9 mile runs, maybe one 10 miler.  Oh well, this month will hopefully be better.  Everything is better when I can run outside and don't have exactly 60 minutes to get the gym, run and get home.  We are adjusting to a whole new schedule over here.  Plus Cole has an earlier bedtime now, so when Jon gets home at 7:30 and that's what time Cole goes in the bath, it's either I miss all that, I miss the gym, or I have to wait until he's asleep at 9, then missing my husband.  I had a minor freakout about all of this a week in.... luckily I have a an awesome sister-in-law who put it all into perspective for me.  Life changes as a mom.. it takes time to settle in but pretty soon you realize that your family comes first and running comes second.  I wanted to be able to do it all, but I have to set realistic expectations. My husband has a high-level job that requires me to be a high-level mom.  He's not gonna be getting home at 5 every night and we both have to adjust to that.  It's more important for me to be a good teammate to him than to be able to workout when I want for as long as I want.  But that's a hard pill for a fanatic runner like me to swallow.

Other March goals I didn't get to... date night.  We were so crazy busy with Jon's new job and being out of town that we didn't go out alone once.  We almost did... my brother-in-law and sister-in-law offered to take him last weekend so we could go out but I was so exhausted after a week of minimal sleep (ugh 4 month sleep regression) and he was crazy fussy that night so we ended up just staying home. I still have that anxiety of leaving him with someone else when he's crying... I just can't do it. It's something I'm gonna eventually have to get over, but even when Jon's watching him, I can't leave if he's mid-cry.

I didn't get March pictures printed out yet either... but we did get Cole's 3 month pictures taken and they are BEYOND adorable.  I'm waiting to get the CD in the mail and then I'll print everything, including some big canvases.

Well, let's get to some April goals.

1.  Pre-pregnancy weight.
2. One 10+ mile run each week.
3. Long walks with Cole on each day I can't get to the gym
4. Print out March and April pics of Cole
5. Get my hair done (we're so busy I need to make this a "goal" now.


  1. You are amazing with all that you fit in! We have a whole heap of Mums who find it really hard to leave their kids at daycare when they are crying, but trust me, they stop crying about 10 seconds after the Mum leaves : ) I'm impressed with how well you have adjusted to having that gorgeous, new little life in your life!

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